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AHA News: Drinking Red Wine for Heart Health? Read This Before You Toast - 2019-05-24
"For years, studies have shown a relationship between drinking a moderate amount of red wine and good heart health, but experts say it's important to understand what that means before you prescribe yourself a glass or two a day." More

Senior Falls a Key Factor for Hospital Readmission - 2019-05-24
"Fall-related injuries are a major reason why seniors are readmitted to the hospital within a month after being discharged, a new study finds." More

U.S. Dentists Prescribe 37 Times More Opioids Than in England: Study - 2019-05-24
"Despite the nation's opioid epidemic, U.S. dentists are far more likely to prescribe addictive opioid painkillers than their British counterparts, a new study reveals." More

Worry Less for Better Health - 2019-05-24
"Do you worry a lot? Besides the anxiety it's causing you emotionally, it can threaten your health." More

2 in 3 Adults Who Use E-Cigs Want to Stop - 2019-05-23
"Nearly two-thirds of American adults who use electronic cigarettes want to quit using the devices, a new study finds." More

Infant Pain Heightened After Opioid Exposure in Womb - 2019-05-23
"Newborns who were exposed to opioids in the womb have stronger-than-normal reactions to pain and may require special care sooner than previously thought, researchers report." More

Open Communication Helps Teens Manage Type 1 Diabetes - 2019-05-24
"It's a simple concept, but new research reinforces the idea: Teens with type 1 diabetes benefit when they feel their concerns have been heard." More

Can the Bacteria in Your Belly Ease Your Worrying Mind? - 2019-05-23
"It seems an unlikely way to ease anxiety, but new research suggests that regulating the bacteria in your gut might help." More

Bipolar Disorder a Risk Factor for Parkinson's? - 2019-05-23
"Struggling with bipolar disorder is hard enough, but now a new study from Taiwan suggests these patients are seven times more likely to develop Parkinson's disease." More

Health Tip: Which Foods to Wash - 2019-05-23
"Fruits or vegetables with a skin should always be washed before eating. But other foods shouldn't be washed, says the United States Department of Agriculture." More

Poor Diet Might Raise Your Cancer Risk - 2019-05-23
"Your unhealthy eating habits could increase your risk of cancer as much as drinking alcohol can, new research reports." More

Eating to Reach Health Goals - 2019-05-23
"What and when you eat certain foods can boost how you feel at different times during the day. When it comes to meal planning, timing is everything." More

Try This Whole-Grain Lemony Quick Bread - 2019-05-23
"If you love quick breads but crave a healthier treat, this lighter take on Grandma's traditional recipe serves up a lemony lift. And because it calls for whole grains, dried fruit and nuts, it's packed with goodness." More

Many 'Dehumanize' People with Obesity - 2019-05-23
"Many people -- including those who are overweight themselves -- view people with obesity as less human or less evolved, new research reveals." More

Unfiltered Cigarettes Are Most Deadly - 2019-05-22
"There's no such thing as a safe cigarette, but unfiltered cigarettes are even more likely to kill you, a new study finds." More

1805 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)