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Meditation: Different Approaches, Different Benefits - 2018-04-19
"Deep breathing is a great stress reliever, and the technique called mindfulness meditation is a helpful way to use breathing to get more in touch with your inner self." More

As Younger Men's Smoking Rises, So Does Their Stroke Risk - 2018-04-19
"Men under 50 who smoke cigarettes are increasing their risk for a stroke, researchers warn." More

Mild TBI May Increase Risk of Parkinson's Disease - 2018-04-18
"Mild traumatic brain injury is associated with increased risk of Parkinson's disease among military veterans, according to a study published online April 18 in Neurology." More

Americans Toss Out Tons of Fruits and Veggies - 2018-04-18
"Americans may be trying to eat healthy, but they're throwing away mountains of produce in the process, a new study suggests." More

Many Teens Don't Know Juul Contains Addictive Nicotine - 2018-04-18
"Many young Americans don't realize that the wildly popular Juul electronic cigarettes contain highly addictive nicotine, putting them at risk for future cigarette use, a new study shows." More

Health Tip: Recognize Early Signs of Autism - 2018-04-18
"Autism may be detected at an early age by paying attention to your baby's social and language skills, the American Academy of Pediatrics says." More

Turn Chores Into a Fitness Routine - 2018-04-18
"Is the "e" word -- exercise -- a downer for you?" More

USPSTF: Exercise Interventions Prevent Falls in Seniors - 2018-04-17
"The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force concludes that exercise interventions may be beneficial for preventing falls in older adults; however, the evidence is insufficient to weigh the benefits and harms of vitamin D, calcium, and combined supplementation. These findings form the basis of two recommendation statements published April 17 in the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

Exercise In, Vitamin D Out for Preventing Falls: U.S. Panel - 2018-04-17
"With aging often comes worry about falls and the bone fractures they cause. Now, a panel of U.S. experts has new advice on what helps and what doesn't when it comes to staying upright." More

Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide - 2018-04-17
"In a small, early study, a nasal spray containing the club drug ketamine appears to quickly help ease depression and even curb thoughts of suicide." More

'Flexitarian' Eating: Part Vegetarian, Part Not - 2018-04-17
"If you want to eat more vegetables and less meat, but don't want to give up meat altogether, there's an alternative." More

Can Mom-to Be's' Weight Affect Daughters' Risk for Early Puberty? - 2018-04-17
"Girls whose moms were overweight or had high blood sugar during pregnancy may be more likely to enter puberty early, a large new study suggests." More

Go Nuts for Heart Health - 2018-04-17
"The crunchy goodness of peanuts, walnuts, cashews and other nuts may be just what the cardiologist ordered, new research suggests." More

Most Doctors' Offices Don't Offer Flexibility for Uninsured - 2018-04-16
"Most physician offices do not offer up-front payment flexibility or low-income discounts to uninsured people, according to a study published in the April issue of Health Affairs." More

Safety Info for Opioids Found Lacking - 2018-04-16
"Information about safe storage and disposal of opioid painkillers on the drugs' package inserts is inconsistent, and even missing from some products, researchers report." More

2509 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)