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Health Tip: Meditation May Help Lower Heart Disease Risk - 2017-10-18
"Here's what the American Heart Association says" More

The Value of Unplugging - 2017-10-18
"Yes, this means turning off your devices! " More

Doctors Urged to Speak With Patients About Firearms - 2017-10-17
"Physicians should make a public commitment to speak with their patients about firearms, according to an opinion piece published online Oct. 16 in the Annals of Internal Medicine." More

Scoliosis Screenings Can Help Catch Spine Problem Early - 2017-10-17
"Treatments vary, depending on severity of the condition." More

Arthritis Can Strike Children - 2017-10-18
"In these young patients, joint inflammation caused by overactive immune system" More

How Foods Labeled 'Healthy' Can Still Make You Fat - 2017-10-18
"Those that contain high amounts of sugar trigger snacking later, study finds." More

Screening Tools Identify Potentially Inappropriate Meds - 2017-10-17
"Internal medicine patients are frequently prescribed potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs), but screening tools can detect clinically relevant PIMs, according to a study published online Oct. 8 in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics." More

Ketamine Not Linked to PTSD in Military Trauma Setting - 2017-10-17
"Ketamine administration is not associated with post-traumatic stress disorder in the military trauma setting, according to a study published online Oct. 3 in Anaesthesia." More

Farsighted Kids Have Trouble Paying Attention - 2017-10-17
"The often-undetected eye condition could lead to school troubles." More

Clues to How You Hear in a Crowd - 2017-10-17
"Answers reside in the brain, researchers say." More

Health Tip: 5 Suggestions to Promote Healthy Aging - 2017-10-17
"And see long-term results " More

Go Fish! - 2017-10-17
"Ways to get more seafood into your diet." More

1 in 9 American Men Infected With Oral HPV - 2017-10-16
"Vaccine provides protection, but number of boys getting shots remains low, researchers say." More

States That Make You Wait to Buy Guns Have Fewer Deaths: Study - 2017-10-16
"Time to 'cool off' may prevent some homicides and suicides." More

Bright White Light Therapy Promising for Bipolar Depression - 2017-10-16
"Midday bright light therapy may be effective for treating bipolar depression, according to a study published online Oct. 3 in The American Journal of Psychiatry." More

2459 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)