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Could Hackers Target Heart Devices? - 2018-02-20
"Your wireless heart implant suddenly goes on the fritz, either conking out completely or causing your heart to beat rapidly or irregularly." More

Anticoagulants in Seniors With A-Fib, CKD Ups Stroke, ICH Risk - 2018-02-20
"For older patients with concomitant chronic kidney disease and a new diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, anticoagulants are associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke and hemorrhage, but with reduced risk of all-cause mortality, according to a study published online Feb. 14 in The BMJ." More

Sibling Bullying Tied to Increased Odds of Psychotic Disorder - 2018-02-20
"Children involved in sibling bullying are at increased risk of developing a psychotic disorder, according to a study published online Feb. 12 in Psychological Medicine." More

Herbal Drug Kratom Linked to Salmonella Illnesses, CDC Says - 2018-02-20
"The popular botanical drug kratom is already under fire from U.S. health officials as an addictive opioid, and now new reports are linking its use with salmonella poisoning." More

Tobacco Kills, No Matter How It's Smoked: Study - 2018-02-20
"Smokers who think cigars or pipes are somehow safer than cigarettes may want to think again, new research indicates." More

Health Tip: Protect Baby from Whooping Cough - 2018-02-19
"Vaccination is the best way to prevent whooping cough, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says." More

Protecting Your Electronic Health Records - 2018-02-19
"An electronic health record, or EHR, is the digital version of the paper records documenting your health care. These online records are an advance in health management in many ways." More

Many Parents in the Dark on When Kids Should First See a Dentist - 2018-02-19
"American parents are less likely to seek early dental care for their children if they don't receive guidance from a doctor or dentist, a new national survey finds." More

Lung Cancer One of Many Reasons Not to Smoke - 2018-02-18
"You already know that smoking causes lung cancer. But tobacco use can lead to other major health problems, too, experts warn." More

Stroke May Not Mean Language Loss for Newborns - 2018-02-17
"Strokes in babies may not have the same lasting effects as they do in adults, a new study suggests." More

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Can Help Alleviate PTSD in Veterans - 2018-02-16
"For military veterans, therapeutic horseback riding may be a clinically effective intervention for relieving symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, according to a study published online Jan. 19 in Military Medical Research." More

Treatment Initiation for Depression Low in Primary Care - 2018-02-16
"Treatment initiation for depression remains suboptimal in the primary care setting, despite wide availability of effective treatments and increased detection efforts, according to a study published online Feb. 8 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine." More

Sibling Bullying Could Have Mental Health Effects - 2018-02-16
"People who, as young kids, either bullied their siblings or were bullied themselves by siblings face an increased risk for psychotic disorders, a new British study suggests." More

Molecular Markers May ID Alzheimer's Before Clinical Onset - 2018-02-16
"For young adults with autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease, molecular markers can identify changes associated with the disease before clinical onset, according to a study published online Feb. 12 in JAMA Neurology." More

How to Put Mass Shooting Tragedies in Perspective for Kids - 2018-02-16
"In the wake of yet another deadly school shooting in the United States, one health specialist offers advice on how to ease children's fears about acts of terror and violence." More

2556 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)