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Pharmacy Services

River Valley Counseling Center in partnership with Genoa Healthcare Company offer a full-service, on-site pharmacy, located within River Valley Counseling Center’s 303 Beech Street location in Holyoke. Genoa pharmacists work closely with your providers to take care of all your prescription needs.  

Genoa is the most experienced pharmacy provider specializing in the behavioral health and addiction treatment communities. The pharmacy’s services are available to RVCC clients only, RVCC staff and their immediate family members. Genoa is improving consumer care and saving centers time and money throughout the country, making a positive impact in the lives of the consumers they serve and in the centers they work with.   

Although Genoa is a nationwide company, they have retained the feel of the hometown pharmacy and the services that go along with it. Being on-site allows Genoa’s pharmacists and technicians to work closely with the RVCC care team to provide the best possible care for each individual consumer. While they specialize in behavioral health, they have the capacity to fill all medications. They are able to bill Medicaid and Medicare, as well as private insurance. In addition, Genoa also offers several packaging options that can be tailored to fit the needs of RVCC consumers, including specially designed adherence packaging. 

About Genoa Healthcare Company
Genoa has been serving the behavioral health and addiction communities for over 15 years. Genoa provides pharmacy and telepsychiatry services across 45 states and the District of Columbia, impacting more than 550,000 individuals and filling more than 12 million prescriptions annually. 

For more information, please call (413) 315-4878.