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Problems come into every person’s life at one time or another. A person should not feel ashamed or embarrassed when these problems require some type of outside assistance. If you have an electrical problem that you can’t fix yourself you call an electrician. If you have a plumbing problem you call a plumber. If you have a personal or family problem you call your Employee Assistance Program. It should be as simple as that! Don’t let things go further than they have to. Free, confidential and convenient professional assistance is available for you and and your family members.

What Is CONCERN Employee Assistance Program?

CONCERN offers free and confidential assessment, information, short-term counseling, referral and follow up to employees and their immediate family members who seek assistance in dealing with a personal problem.

Personal problems are a part of life. They come up at work and at home. Denying a problem or trying to ignore it will not make it go away, and can lead to even greater difficulties. Recognizing the need for help with a problem and making the decision to get it is a sign of courage and strength. The CONCERN Employee Assistance Program can be your first step in getting the help that you need.

Our well-trained and experienced counselors are available to assess a problem, provide focused short-term counseling, make a referral for longer-term or specialized help if it is indicated. All of the services and resources of CONCERN are available to you and all it takes to get started is a call to (413)534-2625.

Problems We Can Help With

  • Stress, depression, anxiety
  • Alcohol or drug problems
  • Family or marital problems
  • Job related stress or conflicts
  • Child rearing problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Legal or financial problems
  • Coping with major life changes

When Can You Use CONCERN?

CONCERN counselors are available when you need them. For your convenience, appointments may be arranged during day or evening hours.

What Does CONCERN Cost?

The services of CONCERN are an employee benefit purchased by your employer. You and your family members may use the program at no cost.

CONCERN Is Private and Confidential

Should you decide to use the CONCERN Program, you can be reassured that our counselors will respect the private and confidential nature of your situation. CONCERN complies with all state and federal laws concerning client confidentially, and this includes reporting requirements. No one will know about your decision to use CONCERN services unless you tell them yourself.

Short-Term Counseling Helps Many People

Many types of problems can be improved through short-term counseling offered by a trained and experienced professional. If your problem cannot be resolved or significantly improved with short-term counseling (one to six sessions), then your CONCERN counselor will put you in touch with a qualified professional or agency outside of CONCERN. Before making any referral, your counselor will discuss with you your exact need, your financial situation and health insurance coverage and your personal preferences.

Why Should You Use CONCERN?

CONCERN understands that everyone is affected in some way at some time by life changing situations. As individuals, we each deal with these situations differently. The stress that is created by these situations can sometimes interfere with a person’s ability to perform adequately at work or in other important areas of life. Here is where CONCERN can help.

The most common problem when a difficult situation arises is knowing where to turn for help. CONCERN can be your first step no matter what the situation is and what kind of help is needed. Once you realize that you are not facing a problem completely alone, you will begin to feel more confident and you will begin to develop a plan for working it through.

You, the employee, are the most valuable resource to your organization. Through CONCERN your employer wants to help you feel your best so that you can develop your abilities both personally and professionally. Call CONCERN for help with a problem before it affects your health, family life or job performance.

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