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CONCERN/EAP is An Invaluable Management Resource

CONCERN/EAP offers your business or organization a comprehensive array of services and resources that combines to promote a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.  Unfortunately, personal difficulties, such as work-related stress, marital or family problems, and alcohol and drug addiction, are affecting many employees and their families. Sometimes, such problems can impair an employee's performance at work, leading to lower productivity, strained relations with co-workers and frequent absences or accidents.  Managers and supervisors often find themselves in the difficult position of having to give advice or "counsel" employees regarding personal stressors.

In addition, these employee problems can result in costly “employee downtime”.  CONCERN/EAP offers employees and involved management personnel convenient professional intervention at the earliest point of problem recognition, decreasing downtime dramatically.  It's important to note that only 15% of terminations are the result of employees' inability to perform their job function.  In addition, research has shown that each dollar invested in an EAP saves the employer $5 to $16.

CONCERN/EAP Management and Human Resources Services:

Management Consultation
 A CONCERN/EAP counselor provides face-to-face consultation in the planning and implementation of the Employee Assistance Program.  When needed, consultation will also be provided to supervisors and managers of the corporation regarding EAP issues such as guidance in making a Formal Referral, appropriate intervention when safety issues arise, documentation of performance issues, confidentiality issues, etc.

On-Site Training
On-site training is available to managers and employees of the corporation and focuses upon a variety of workplace issues such as stress management, workplace violence prevention, sexual harassment awareness, and alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace.  Training can be tailored to meet the specific needs that have been identified by your managment or human resources personnel.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
Sudden and severe stress in the workplace can be potentially disabling.  In the event of a catastrophic incident or loss, effective crisis response intervention is available to all CONCERN/EAP client companies 24 hours a day.


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