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 CONCERN/EAP (employee assistance program) offers free and confidential short-term counseling, information and referral services, and wellness benefits to employees and their immediate family members living in the same household.

Our well-trained and experienced counselors are available to help you to resolve a problem or cope with it more effectively.  If longer term or specialized help is needed, a referral will be provided. 

Professional Assessment 
CONCERN/EAP counselor will work with the you or your household family member to determine the exact nature of the problem.  CONCERN/EAP can assist you with problems such as work-related stress, depression and anxiety, substance abuse and other addictions, family or relationship problems, parenting issues, grief and loss, and difficulty coping with major life changes.  No problem is too big or too small.  If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, the important thing is that you receive the help that you or your household family member needs.

Short-term Counseling  
You or your household family member(s) is entitled to up to 6 counseling sessions. Counseling sessions will focus upon problem resolution or improving one's ability to cope with the problem.

Qualified Referrals  
Most of our clients find that short-term counseling is sufficient to successfully address their problem.  If it is determined, however, that longer term or more intensive treatment is needed, a referral to an appropriate provider or agency will be made.  We will locate a provider that accepts your health insurance and has the expertise needed to effectively treat the issues that you are facing.

Information and Consultation
Our counselors are available to research information you may need about a variety of work/life balance issues. Information about mental health issues, community resources, local support groups, legal and financial matters is available and only a phone call away.   

Wellness Benefits   
Employees and their household family members may take advantage of available benefits geared toward promoting health and maintaining work/life balance.

Our main office is located at Holyoke Medical Center, 575 Beech Street, in Holyoke, MA.  Our satellite office is located at 74 Main Street, Greenfield, MA.

 Hours of Availability
In order to best accommodate our clients, appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday, beginning in the morning and into the evening.  Appointments can generally be scheduled within one to three business days of your call.  If the matter is urgent, we will make every effort to schedule you that same day.  The last appointment of the day is at 7:30 pm.  If you have an urgent need to speak with a counselor after business hours, a counselor is available by phone.  If you are experiencing a true emergency, however, please call your local crisis center or dial 911.

After  Lay Off or Termination
Following a lay off or termination, you remain entitled to the service of CONCERN/EAP for up to six months.  Although we do not provide assistance in finding employment, we can offer support and help you to develop strategies to cope with the stress of job loss.

Phone Number

CONCERN/EAP can be reached by dialing 534.2625